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20 | Montana
I reblog for me

omg i finally got over 100 followers! 

love you babes x

Who wants to fuck to Skrillex?

Why am I listening to Jedward.




I have a serious fucking problem.

I’m thinking about linking my Twitter feed to Tumblr…

So the hate I get on this site will finally be deserved haha. 

I’m annoying on Twitter. Get ready.

I’m too drunk to deal with my life right now.

Me:If you could make your vagina taste like anything, what would you choose?
Rosie:Probably oranges. Just 'cause guys really like oranges.

I can’t fucking watch Teen Wolf anymore. 

The hotness of the entire cast is ruining my life.

Wait, fuck that. I need this show like I need oxygen.


-I need a new Tumblr display photo.

-I need to go to bed.

-Why do my followers not talk to me? Da fuq…

-My cat is hyper. Someone tell him to calm down.

-Why am I more attractive at night when I’m alone? 



-Blaaaagh. Fuck.

..I wanna keep listening to Ed Sheeran.

But it makes me sad. 



Pretending I know what sexy is.

My friend and I are going to visit my grandparents who live an hour away. 

They live close to the lake, which is groovy. 

Also, tomorrow we’re going to see some waterfalls. 

All these hoes wanna be me. 

I’m really, entirely sick of rude bitches. 

I am not tolerant of stupidity and ignorance. 


Judge people for the way they act, not the size of their ear holes or ink on their skin. Were you raised to be this fucking dumb? Fuck.

Now, I’m going to eat my Special K and think happy thoughts.

Yumm, blueberry.